Lacrosse In Russia

Russian National Championship

Lacrosse appeared in Russia in 2008 in courtyards and parks with a handful of people. As it grew, two main cities developed clubs (St. Petersburg, Moscow). As the sport grew, more people started to participate and a National Team was founded. The National team’s first appearance was at the World Lacrosse Championships in Denver, USA in 2014, followed by The European Championship in Budapest, Hungary in 2016, and the World Championship in Netanya, Israel in 2018.

Zombies Cup 2017

Additionally, several teams consisting of Russian players have participated in tournaments as part of the “Hero City All-Stars” travel team, and “Red Arrow” in the Baltic Lacrosse League from 2015.

Presently there are 3 clubs that play in Russia (Moscow Lacrosse Club, St. Petersburg White Knights, Golden Ring Warriors). With about 200 players in total in the country.